Primark Trousers

Primark Jumper

Yesterday I ventured out to go to two events that I was super stoked about attending. It definitely wasn't an average Monday night for me as they normally consist of admin, blogging and sorting my life out. Unfortunatly that has to wait for today but I thought I'd share  First I went to Bleach's DIY Hair Range (see full post here) which is launching in officially in Boots today. As you can see this is the official debut of my new blonde hair, as well as the debut of my new pink dip dye. I spent part of last week getting my hair back to a nice mid toned ash blonde, but I'm easily influenced. All the pretty colours got the better of me, and I soon was at the basin getting some of the Bleach Super Cool Colour painted into my hair. No regrets as I love it and it'll wash out in about a week knowing my hair.

I then headed off to a super cool restaurant in Soho called Chotto Matte for dinner with Birchbox. Always a wonderful brand to do stuff with as last time they took me out I went VIP to Wireless (see here). Insane! This time we were at a trendy restaurant which was a fusion of Japanese cooking and Peruvian ingredients. All I can say is I wasn't sure at first, but it was delicious. One of the dishes was a strange mix of a peanut butter taste and spinach. It worked somehow… don't ask me why but it did. Birchbox is a subscription based sample service and one of the higher quality boxes on the market. They gave me my own personally inscribed Birchbox with my blogs name, which got me super excited. As the kid who never had their name on a keyring in gift shops anything with it on makes me do a little squee.

As for the outfit, I don't even know. It works in some weird sort of way, but I think I really just wanted an excuse to wear all my new clothing items all together. I like print clashing, but this is something even I was a little worried about doing. Although I did have a few compliments on the outfit, on the other hand knowing the people I know they were probably being sarcastic. The top is something I've been wanting for a while and the trousers were a spur of the moment type of purchase. I never imagined myself rocking green paisley trousers, but hey ho. The bag though… oh the bag. I've wanted a bag like this for about two years now, and I've never found one that 1. I could afford, and 2. was the right size. This one has been on my mind for a while, but after I'd seen it in store it for a third time (in my books this is a sign to purchase!) in River Island I decided to give up some of my precious press day vouchers and then pay a little more on top to get the bag of my dreams. I love it, so soft, eccentric and adds such a fun edge to an outfit. I also debuted my new winter boots from Vagabond. Need I say more? Perfect height, super comfy, easy to wear and best of all not heavy on the feet. I love 'em! Expect to see much, much more of these over the next few months. It's love.
Birchbox have kindly offered to also a free 6 month subscription to Birchbox and a personalised box to one lucky reader. All you need to do is tweet "@birchboxuk #BBxBespoke I'd love my only personalised Birchbox & 6 month subscription @llymlrs" to be in with the chance of winning.