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These are actually really old photos that I found on my hardrive while shamelessly trying to reorganised my files. I need to start naming things properly other than shdskfkshfhf.jpg. It doesn't make finding the files I need very easy, Sigh. As you can see these are super old, I don't even have my other wrist piercing yet, and my hair is nowhere near as blonde as it is now! Plus, these photos are quite sunny when it's absolutely tipping it down today in London. I was supposed to get Matt to take my outfit photos today, but he was worried about getting his hair wet. Boys and their hair! Anyway, I wear this jumper all the time, but I'm not sure if I've worn it on the blog before or not. I love leopard print at the moment, and this neon pop is right up my street. I paired it with little pointed heels, a clutch and a pair of leather trousers. I'm going out for drinks tonight, I'm very tempted to change into this (with boots and a coat of course!) to wear out. I just like the mix of being able to wear it in the day and in the evening!

And I couldn't resist including this super cute photo of my little Aerys! I got a new lens for my camera, and I have been snapping away at her all day. She's grown so much the past few weeks I cant even deal with it. She's such a character and so loving and sweet. She's a nightmare at times as she loves attacking my hands as I type, but she really is a sweetheart at the end of the day!