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If you arent aware, I make weekly videos n a variety of other topics over on my "other" youtube channel.Yeap, two blogs and two channels. Im offically insane. They are normally not fashion or beauty related, just blog style videos where I sit and talk to the camera about whatever I fancy. I decided to talk a little about some of the bands I like and the music that I listen to in this week’s edition. I have a really broad music taste, but I decided to pinpoint a few of my most listened to. I might make a spotify playlist with some of my favourite songs on if anyone’s interested? Click above to watch or check out my video on the youtube site!


  1. You have a great music taste! Love most everything you mentioned.

    Katie xo

    1. I agree you have a great taste, but not only in music - in general <3

      xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. You have a great blog!
    I just followed you on GFC
    It would be nice if you follow my blog too:}
    Fashion Lady An

  3. You do have some great music tastes! My iPod is such an eclectic mix - it goes from showtunes, to rap to old pop rock.

    - Elodie x

  4. Great music taste! I love the jumper you have on here as well
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

  5. Love-me-some Brand New! Alexisonfire is always one of my favs. This Cancer Bats video feat. George is probably my favorite video of all time.

    x Moira

  6. Whenever someone asks me, 'what kind of music do you listen to?'.. i always say everything, because i honestly like every kind of music! :) Love your videos!


  7. Great video!
    I love all of the music too! :)

    Dreamer Clara^^

  8. love lots of the bands you mentioned there! currently obsessed with the Architects! Check out the song " Alpha Omega", it'll rock your socks off! xoxo

  9. I like your music taste Lily, I can relate! Deja Entendu was played to death until the CD was so worn it could no longer be used, lol!

    Although my music taste is much much broader these days, I still put on albums by Funeral for a Friend, Thrice, System of a Down and AFI and it takes me RIGHT back to 2003/2004, being 15, hanging with the greebo/scene kids at the skate park and discovering who I was (along with the discovery of black eyeliner!) haha so many memories. I love how memories can be entirely wrapped up in certain songs :-)

    Dayner x

  10. you have the greatest music taste! loooove brand new x

    Skinny Jeans ♥


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