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primark bag

I really like this look, it has a really modern mod style feel to it which I adore. It would look even cooler with a little half up half down hairstyle. A bit like I did on my beauty blog a few days ago. I got the dress of ASOS, The eye print is really unique, and I think it’s a fun different take on patterns. As you can tell I currently love mixing and matching patterns. I love being able to work out which patterns work together and which does. The eye print contrasts so well with the red check print coat. Monochrome print is really easy to mix with a different colour printed item.

My wardrobe is literally littered with ASOS at the moment! I made a huge order earlier in the week, and all the items came and I love them all. I think I’ve almost narrowed down which items I want to keep and which I don’t, But I would love to keep them all to be honest! I used to find ASOS really hard to shop in but now I grind it the most convenient of all the online shops. ASOS premier is the one, and the site isn't as hard to sift through when you know what you are looking for. I think I need to buy less and head for shops more, but I just legit love being able to buy from the comfort of my own bed and it be here the very next day. And I don't have to face the crowds or the tourists in London!