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ebay heart print shirt  (I got size L approx 10-12)

I bought this shirt a while ago on ebay, and it came a few days ago. I literally couldn’t wait to wear it! It reminded me of that Burberry shirt with everyone from Harry Styles to Victoria Beckham is wearing. I picked it up on ebay for the bargain price of £5.99, it arrived in a few weeks, plus it's alright quality. I picked the size L which is about a size 10-12. It also looks like it's an ASOS supplier as the tags inside the shirt are for ASOS.I layered over the heart print shirt with a fluffy jumper, obviously. I adore these things at the moment and the cropped length of this one is more flattering when worn with things like skater skirts.I paired it with this white leather skirt from Missguided which I normally wear on nights out but never during the day. However I think it’s a nice twist to the outfit as I usually would opt for a black on the bottom.

I was supposed to be going to Bodeans tonight for dinner, but it was cancelled last minute. I'm currently sitting looking at my collection of Bleach hair colours. I'm so tempted to add some colour to my hair despite the fact I really should give my hair a rest after all the colours I’ve been putting in it over the past month or so. I'm relatively happy with my hair at the moment although sometimes I think it looks a little orange at the top because I need to keep toning it with purple shampoo a little more.