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Today I went out with my two little brothers who’d come down for a few days during half term. They are 2 and 5, so we went to Hamelys and for lunch. Hamleys is the most overwhelming place on the planet to shop, and I’ve been in Selfridges during the New Year Sales. Not fun. Although they boys seemed to love it. So much to play with and not enough time. It is half term after all but it was just crazy! Lovely seeing them though, it makes me sad being so far away from them and them growing up without seeing them. It just melts my heart seeing how much they've grown over the years and how big they are now.

The “storm” we’ve had in the UK over the last two days was making sure my dress was blowing up every 5 seconds when taking these images but you get the idea. I wore my new ASOS coat which I love love love, so much love. I described it in my latest ASOS haul that it had homeless vibes. Which I meant it had the whole "I bought this from a thrift shop" Mary Kate Olsen, oversized baggy feel to it. Y'know that look that she rocks so well and us mere mortals can only ever dream of looking so effortlessly cool. Sigh. That baggy granny chic but taken to the next level. I really like it though, and it's so warm despite actually being a "coatigan" (cardigan/coat hybrid) and it kept the rain off nicely as I traipsed around central London.

I need to have a big chill and pamper session tonight. I've got a video planned for next week which is a big ol' pamper routine/night in type thing and I wanna give it a trial run before I get down to film it. I really love looking after myself when the weathers turning, makes it feel that little bit more indulgent.