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 Kicking it back old school by taking my own blog photos today. I've actually never taken any outdoor photos of myself before, and I can confirm it isn't as easy as I imagined. This shoot took 300 shots, I normally do about 50 max doing my own ones, and with me and Ella it was around 100. Lets just say I'm learning. I need to get a shutter release thing to make things a bit easier. But to be honest I'm satisfied with how they came out. I took to my garden to do these photos, as you can tell none of us in my house are particularly green fingered, and it is a bit of a mess! We're always vowing to de-weed it all and plant some nice stuff and get a hot tub, but tha's all just fantasy.

So for today's outfit, the outfit I am actually wearing today and following on from yesterdays Primark haul and do a pretty much fully Primark Outfit. Primark has upped their game. So much. While they do still have some… lets just say questionable pieces. Every season they have consistently got better and better with time. I'm wearing a chain drapey vest, which I adore and wear all the time, paired with a pair of skinny jeans. I don't LOVE Primark jeans, they are okay at best. But they are cheap, and a good budget buy. I also decided on my new primark cropped jacket, at £17 it's one of the pricey Primark pieces, but I'd buy something similar for £40+ from elsewhere without batting an eye lid! I dont actually own any weather appropriate footwear from Primark so I'm wearing my new loves the Vagabond Dioon boots. I cant keep them off my feet. I might even dedicate a whole post to

So what do you think of my full Primark outfit? Does it look like it's a whole Primark outfit? I think not.