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Halloween is my favourite non-holiday of the year. I love dressing up, and although I'm not actually doing anything exciting tonight apart from drinking hot chocolate and possibly carving a pumpkin. You have carve a pumplin on Halloween, its like the law. I thought I'd nod towards all this a little spooky in the form of this Skeleton jumper. Big love for it as it reminds me of a Drop Dead tee that I wanted years and years ago and still haven't managed to get my paws on. I actually dressed up as Hulk Hogan for the Daily Mix Halloween party last week I don't think many people really got it, but I had a good laugh at my own expense! Can't take yourself too seriously I say! Hope everyone has a spooky day/night whatever you do! I think I need to experience a proper US Halloween celebration as they seem to go all out over the pond! Someone invite me to their party next year?