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I'm always so paranoid about being cold whenever I travel I always over pack, then over layer. Yesterday I wore a gilet with a huge coat over the top. I wasn't too hot or too cold actually which surprised me a little as I had gone OTT on the layers. I was actually wearing a vest and a t-shirt underneath. I also wore a waffle knit jumper from Topshop which I've had for yonks and not worn out yet. It even had the tag on still when I was packing, How naughty! I think it's going straight to the top of my list of currently loved items. I've already planned a few new ways to wear it. I paired it with my leather skirt which made my outfit eerily similar to Ree's who was also wearing a grey jumper/leather bottoms/boots combo! I completed the look with a pop of colour in the hat and necklace. You'd have thought people had never seen colour before the amount of funny looks I'd got! Although they could be more aimed at Zoe's bright green hair!

We stayed in a lovely hotel called The Conservatorium which is just across from the Van Gogh Museum in the Museumplein area. The hotel itself was much fancier than the other places I've stayed in Amsterdam! Also, a lot fancier than any hotel I've ever stayed in the past. The building itself was absolutely breathtaking, and the room was another level. You can see more photos in my previous post. There was so many little attentions to detail. Although, it took me forever to work out how to turn my lights off in the evening and longer than it should have to open the curtains.

As the first day was mainly brand focused, we spent the day interviewing with product developers and the face of the brand. Before heading over to the launch party for the DKNY Be Delicious Skin fragrance. After we went off for an absolutely immaculate meal with the brand and other press. The courses we had were really interesting and diverse. Including a very unusual pumpkin cappuccino, a crab and langoustine hot dog and a strange dish involving smoked mozzarella, melon, pickled onions and mustard ice cream… yeah. The best part was the final course, Desert. It was a deconstructed apple crumble encased in a white chocolate apple and pistachio sauce. Incredible.

A group of us went on a wander around the town. We were of course being typical tourists and stepping into the bike lanes over and over again. So many bells dinging at me and the other girls! Every time I was like "oh god why have I done this again". I couldn't get my head around it. Literally everyone in Amsterdam has a bike, even though cycling is pretty popular here in London. It's on another scale over there! Kinda makes me want to get my own bike! Also, we went on a boat tour, which is a great way to get around the city and see a bit of everything. Particularly if your in a bit of a rush. It was a very relaxing and the commentary tape they had playing was absolutely hilarious. Then had another lovely meal (which i wasn't allowed to photograph!!) and finished off our whirlwind Amsterdam Tour with a wander around De Negen Straatjes.

Amsterdam is such a fascinating city, and I always have a lovely time when I've been. Hopefully next time it'll be longer than about 36 hours! I'm already thinking of another mini break for early next year. Amsterdam is much more than the UK perceived view of smut. While, yes It's part of Amsterdams culture, But it is so much more than that. It's a beautiful city, with it's very relaxed chilled out atmosphere, stunning architecture, variety of food and most importantly the people are very helpful and friendly. It's a little chaotic bit it just works so well It's a really enjoyable euro city break. I've also been here with my Mother…. Big thank you to DKNY Be Delicious for taking me and a huge shout out to the girls that came along with me (Milly, Ree, Jen & Zoe & Kay & Trudie). I'll report back on my trip over on ETC LLYMLRS when I've gathered my thoughts on what was going on!