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Let's just call me Illy Melrose for today as I'm so ill. I've had the flu lingering for a few days and after last nights partying at the Daily Mix Halloween party I've been well and truly hit by the flu. Luckily I shot this outfit a few days ago, so I do have something to show you guys! Another addition to my smock-drobe, Yeap my whole wardrobe is a variety of smocked dresses, is this Corduroy number from ASOS. I love cord material, it reminds me of when I was about 13 and used to wear those god awful red corduroy mega flared trousers. I used to think I was the coolest kid ever. It's a material that sort of went out of fashion, but it's slowly coming back. This dress is the same style and fit as my usual The White Pepper smocks which I love just in a much chunkier fabric. I bought a size 8, so I'd say size down a bit because ASOS oversized, means OVERSIZED. It attracts hair, dust and all other bits and bobs, but it's nothing a decent lint roller wont remove. All in all, big love for this dress. Cant wait to wear it with tights, a fluffy cardigan and big chunky boots.