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uk fashion blogger autumn haul video

I asked over on my Twitter what video people wanted to see today and the majority were requesting a haul video. I'd also made a get ready with me video but that'll have to wait for another day. I've been totally on the ball filming today which is weird for me as Im normally so last minuite! Anyway, enjoy a good 7 and a half minuite ramble about some things I've picked up from Primark, ASOS, H&M & River Island. Gosh I love autumn clothes!


  1. Looking lovely !

  2. Love the video and you look nice with the hat! :)
    I'm starting to love fall a little bit more because it means I can buy new clothes haha!
    Summer will always be my favourite season though :)

    Great video!
    X Valérie

  3. what is the name of the music playing in the background? I love it!

  4. Ohhh I love the primark trousers and fedora, so nice for primark!xx

  5. You got some great fur and tartan pieces, great for autumn/winter

  6. Ohhh great tips.. Lovely colors.. Thanks for sharing Lily :) xx


  7. Love your purchases! Especially the furry bag, it looks gorgeous.
    Have fun in Amsterdam!

  8. Completely agree.. If I see something more than three times and I absolutely love it then I just HAVE to get it :P love the pants and the bag.

  9. i always doubt primark, but they have such a good selection this season!


  10. Ooh! You're such a doll. I love all of these items!

    Tiny darling

  11. Love your fluffy bag! I bought one similar 2 years ago but got caught in a downpour and it never looked the same again :( - so my advice is don't use it in the rain! lol

    Jen xx

  12. Love this!! xx

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  13. wonderful haul :) love your fluffy sweaters, they're amazing and sooooo cosy :)

  14. Such amazing items.
    Love the hat, multiple fluffy jumpers and trousers.


  15. Great minds think alike! I did an Autumn Primark post, then popped in today and managed to pick up a couple of the bits. Love your green trouers and the Fedora especially! xx

  16. such a great haul! i loved everything in it! i completely agree about getting one great coat and one great pair of shoes each season to last you through the horrible weather and whilst i only bought a coat yesterday (it was a treat to myself!) i'm still on the look out for a really great coat that will last me! i'm in love with those shoes as well and think they just look so great with trousers for a really casual and cool look! that bag is awesome as well! it's the time of thing a 10 year old me would go for but i would totally get it again at this age! it just looks like a really great statement piece and something you should wear with pride! ;) X

  17. I love the pieces you've bought, especially the Primark jacket! xx

    Martyna | NEON MIZZLE

  18. Absolutely in love with fluffy jumpers this season! Love the fedora as well. Wish I could pull off hats


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