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So I thought I'd let Aerys make her video debut yesterday with a video we filmed the on Sunday. As I type this she is attacking my fingers as I type so I presume I'm going to be fingerless by the end of the week. Our truce as to where she sits when Im working is obviously not applying now we took a trip back to the countryside. She is really camera shy, Every time anyone tries to take a snap of her she turns her head or runs away. Such a little madam! I posted this on my other channel which you should subscribe to if you wanted to see more vlog style videos from me. I really enjoy making other types of videos as well as beauty and fashion stuff (:

Today I'm doing some things with my Mum and going for lunch with her at one of her favourite lunch spots. One of the best things about going home is being around all the lovely food. I'll update later with my outfit and some other bits and bobs. I think I'll take my camera and document the day. Be back later!