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Today I had to take an impromptu trip back home to see my parents. I've had to take Aerys with me which wasn't as stressful as I thought it would be. She actually slept most of the way on the train, but the train station wasn't very enjoyable for her at all. So many noises she didn't know what to do with herself. Poor little kitty. I feel awful putting her through such a long journey, but I couldn't really leave her alone for a week or more. I'm not even sure how long I'm going to be back for yet. She is my cat after all, not our houses (despite them being totally cool with it and all love her very much), and I didn't want to lumber her with my housemates so early on. Plus she's really attached to me already. To the point she won't sleep unless she's touching me so when I'm working, and she's sleepy she won't sleep unless she can settle down with me. I am trying to get her to sleep with a water bottle instead though! She seems to be quite settled so far at my Mum's. But I cant help but feel like such an awful pet owner taking her away from her new home so soon.

I roped my brother into take some outfit photos for me. He's not arty in the slightest and barely knows how to use a camera but he managed alright with a little direction from me. I don't know if I'll blog while I'm up here because I haven't really planned for it. I just chucked all my clothes into my suitcase this morning because I was in such a tizz. We'll see. This is just my usual go-to travelling outfit. Comfy jeans, jumper and a blazer paired with a solid pair of boots. Easy simple, comfy. Nothing groundbreaking!