(Photos By Ella Tebbutt)
zara croc print tee
asos necklace
michael kors watch
boohoo clutch*

For anyone wondering/asking (sooo many!) about my new hair, It's not finished. I got it done yesterday and despite walking out the salon happy with it, after sleeping on it and styling it myself I just dont think the tone is quite right. So Im going back later today get it warmed up a little bit, its ever so slightly too cool for my complexion. I'll post a photo of how it is now soon and you'll know what I mean when you see it. The colour is fine, but the tone is just not quite right. I either need to go really ashy or more of a honey colour! Obviously I'll keep you updated when its done to my preference! I think the lighting in the salon made it look different from how it was in daylight which is annoying, but it's being sorted! Us blogger's also have hairdresser woes (; Update: It's still NOT finished, but it is semi fixed! At least it's not as mental as it was earlier! I'm getting it properly sorted on Wednesday... a long time to go with not right hair if you're overly sensitive about your hair like me!

I'm sitting here playing Civilisation V and dancing to The Academy Is... Having the best time but I have too much to be getting on with. I might actually take my laptop to the salon... At least then I can positively procrastinate!