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So today I went off with my mother for a spot of lunch, We went to The Green Cafe, which is down by the Millennium Green in Ludlow. It's the site of most of my childhood summers, but it's got a bit fancier over the years with a few upgrades. Long before mobile phones (gosh, now I sound SO old) we used to go down there at 12, every day without fail and no one would let each other know. Just simply meet and spend all day down there playing in the river and hanging out. Then we'd go home for tea at 6 and be back out down the river for 8. And repeat all summer long, all without even saying "oh lets meet down the river". It was just what we did, Loads of memories were made down there. In fact, even writing this has reminded me of so many stories from the old days. I just wish more of my old friends were around, Most people I know moved away before I did.

Mum always raves about The Green Cafe and has been wanting to take me here for ages. We've just never got around to actually coming down. My Mum's bakery provides the bread (it's amazing, if I do say so myself), and the produce is as locally sourced as possible. I had Spicy Tagliolini and my Mum had Langoustine and Scallops (fancy). We slurped on Tea Pigs Peppermint tea and Earl Grey and ate down on some cheese and cake. I had Lemon Polenta: it's my favourite. The Tagliolini was so good, really fresh tasting with lots of flavours, and the lemon cake was just… wow. Absolutely delicious and well worth having to wait a few extra minutes for it to cool down after it came straight out the oven. I can see why it's always so busy and hard to get a table without a reservation. It's insanely good, and a must visit place if you're in the area. Tasty, simple and really hits the spot.