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 Kicking it back Old school this weekend with the self taken outfit posts! I didn't do a single thing today, well nothing that was outside the house. I made some fresh bread for me and my housemates, which was delicious may I add. I do love baking sometimes, when I can be bothered. My family are all bakers so in theory I should be able to bake as well! It's in the blood. Other than that I drank copious amounts of tea, filmed some videos for my new Youtube Channel (which you should totally subscribe to, it's a little bit more random than my beauty channel!) and did a little strum on my ukulele. The soundtrack this morning was Jay Z and Linkin Park's Encore/Numb. It's possibly one of my favourite songs ever ever ever. It's just so perfect. I've also included some snaps of my bedroom as people always ask about it but I don't really feel comfortable doing a room tour. The idea of someone going through my stuff creeps me out a little bit! But y'know!

I bought this tshirt yesterday from Beyond Retro, Im not one for vintage clothing because I find it a little bit extra effort but you do find some gems. Im not overly into florals but this one ticks enough of my clothing boxes to worm it's way into my wardrobe. The dress is a silk one that I've had for ages but literally wear most weekends. It's so easy to wear and simple and still looks like I've put some effort into what I chose to wear. I'm also wearing a flower crown to hide the fact my hair is so so so so so so so soooooo greasy. It needs a good wash and a pamper after all the hair colouring it endured this week.

It's also my hair's debut on my blog, It's not how I want it and I explain it more in this post over on my beauty blog. But I'm getting it fixed on Wednesday by Jason at Lisa Shepherd, I need the font highlighted and lightened but Im keeping the light ash blonde colour. It just needs to be freshened up around the roots and front of the face!