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I think these ASOS Academy boots fall into ugly/awesome territory. Hey, I think we could even class this whole outfit as ugly awesome though! I bought these recently as I wanted a new pair of AW boots as mine have started to be pretty worn down. I'm looking at you Topshop Alvins! They are super clompy and feel dare I say it… a little like orthopaedic corrective boots. But they are so nice. I really like how grungy they feel without being too out there. Just a simple plain black boot with bags of character. While they aren't leather, they do have a good solid heel which I think would hold up in the colder months! Super cosy lining, adequate heel, grungy, comfy and most importantly easy to wear. One big thumbs up for me with these boots.  Best part about the boots? They are a cool £35, With an ASOS discount code thats floating around at the moment (CFDFECFC9825 for 15%) they make them a perfect bargain purchase for winter.

I also bought this dress as a bit of a joke as Im currently in the process of trying to decide if Im adult enough to get a pet. I've nearly taken home two but I keep chickening out and worrying about the future. I've been toying with the idea of getting a cat for over a year now and I still cant 100% commit. Not because I don't think I could look after it, I just worry about my life and where I'll be in 5/10 years time and if I can realistically keep a cat depending on what happens. I really don't want to be one of those people that gets a pet, moves to a different country and has to rehome it. Sigh. #petproblems.