Primark Flats
All Photos taken on a Canon POWERSHOT S110

A few days ago I met up with my ol' friend Greg, long time readers might remember him. He was my best from from College and University, and he's one of the few people I know who still live around here. I had a few hours spare, so we decided to go visit an owl and rare/small breeds farm for the day and pet some animals, look at some owls and catch up over trying to take snaps with animals. I've recently acquired a soft spot for owls. I'm not a huge bird fan but there is something majestic and interesting about owls. Ever since I got to hold one when I went to Center Parc's with Zoe a few months ago, despite being a bit scared at first, I've grown very fond of them. They just seem really nice. I really liked the Barn Owls and the UralSnowy Owl are just the cutest little thing ever. The photo of this Owl was just too hilarious not to include. I might start a new meme or post it on Reddit and see what happens. The internet loves owls (see this)

We also saw some Alpaca's which I was determined to get a photo with, but they weren't having any of it! They just kept running out of shot. A man kept laughing at my attempts, but I got a semi good shot in the end! I'm also doing my best farmer pose! Also there was a sassy goat that kept trying to attack the sheep in the pen next to it until it got it's horns stuck in the fence! I also really like the pigs. They just trundled around their pen sniffling and snorting and itching their bum's on the posts. So gross in a very cute kinda way. I think we were most excited about the PYGMY GOATS! They were just the sweetest little animals with so much character. I could have just picked one up and put it in my pocket. Well, they weren't that small admittedly, but they were charming.

My hair was unbrushed, we both were wearing band t-shirts, looked a bit out of place and my flats super muddy by the end of it but it was nice to catch up and take some time out.  Farms are always good fun and no matter what age you are I think seeing animals is still really enjoyable. I've been putting off going to Hackney City Farm with my housemate for ages (she's always trying to make me go!), so I think I might just give in and take a little trip there!