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Oh, so we're back to reality with a bump! I took yesterday off to nurse my fashion flu… well I didn't I just didn't get around to posting on here as I was trying to catch up on admin (OH THE EMAILS!) and finish editing my fashion week vlog which you can see above! I just wanted to catch a bit of the atmosphere of the weekend and show some bits I didn't photograph. Im getting all good at this Youtube Malarky, it's been a year after all! I promise I'll stop harping on about LFW now. Drawing a line under it in 1…2…3. Actually I have one more post coming. Sowwie.

So outfit. Layered up one of my favourite summer dress (see a similar summer outfit here) with my American Apparel inspired jumper that I picked up on eBay for a fraction of the price. It's super girly with a good edge to it, It just has a really versatile look to it and can be worn in so many different ways. Although I cant recall wearing it layered over a dress before. Must pop this on my to-experiment with list! If I was organised enough to make lists about things I need to do! I also toughened up with my favourite boots of the moment the Asos Academy Boots. Seriously, cannot rave about them enough! I adore them and wore them pretty much everyday at LFW. They're so chunky and perfect, I think I might have to get some real leather ones just to justify wearing them in the winter.

ALSO: Im looking for a new photographer/someone who wants to come hang out with me and also take my photos as Ella has moved on to a full time job! Ideally I'd like someone London based and flexible with practical (not professional, just knowing how to use a camera properly is enough!) experience in fashion photography. Email me on with examples of your work/portfolio and maybe we can do a test shoot early next week (: Im really nice to work for and I make good cups of tea!