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Today I spent most of the day filming with St Tropez and being backstage at the Mary Katrantzou show. The show was my absolute favourite so far from LFW. Amazing bold prints, bright colours and loads of personality. The FROW was graced with the likes of ANNA WINTOUR (OMG) and I did a little fangirl. I don't get why she wears sunglasses just during the show though, she had them off for the majority of the seating, then popped on for the catwalk! She is Anna Wintour after all and can do whatever she wants. Backstage is such an amazing but intense atmosphere and I had the lovely Georgia to accompany me in-between my presenting bits.  I missed some big shows today because of being backstage and doing other stuff, but I managed to catch up with it all on my phone. Whoever had the brilliant idea of streaming the shows live on the internet deserves a medal. Just too awesome for words. PS. I also now need a Bulldog, a striped Willow Tote and to be Cara Delevinge ASAP.

My outfit was brand new out of the ASOS packet so hence why my top was slightly creased, it dropped after a few hours though and I didn't look like some hideously unironed fashion creature. Although I rarely iron things anyway, effort n'all that! I just went with a twist on a classic suit type thing!