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I'm currently in the process of tweaking my blog layout. I've actually had the same design for probably about two years now and it really needed a good refresh. I did have big plans for a redesign and then I thought, well simple is always best. If anyone has any suggestions of navigation or anything you think I should include within the blog please let me know. I need to redo my navigation bar, do some social media buttons and then add some sidebar links to types of post categories (like my videos, outfit posts, lifestyle posts) as well as a widget that shows posts from my other blog. Depending on when you're reading this blog post you'll see whats done and not done! I might also add a photo and update the banner a little more. I just wanted something simple that enhances the content rather than being overshadowed by those bloody ugly takeovers. I know the takeover ads on my blog are vile, I probably hate them more than you guys do but unfortunately (for some reason) thats just what seems to be the trend for online advertising at the moment. Although I really REALLY cant see how it works at all because I reckon they personally annoy people more than actually encourage sales. Le Sigh. I wish I was able to fund my blog with just the regular sidebar ads, but I can't.