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I did buy these trousers with the full intentions that I was going to wear them to fashion week but my ideas soon changed and I decided to rock them on yet another trip to my favourite London Steak pop-up, Flat Iron (I talk about it here, just check them juicy snaps!). I adore the print of these trousers, they remind me of William Morris and some wallpaper that my parents had in their old house.  I like the monochromatic print with the colour pops, It just some how works. I also had the matching jacket that goes with these but I decided to send it back as I didn't really want to wear it as a co-ord in the end. While I did think it looked uber cool, I just… I dunno. Im being pedantic but there was something about it that was not quite right.  I might still end up wearing these to Fashion week but at the moment they are in a reserve outfit pending the discovery of an item I really want to go with them  but cannot find them for the life of me! The top is similar to my Zara croc print one but quilted, obviously. It cost a fraction of the price too, which is always a cheeky lil' bonus! I talk about it a little in my Primark Haul which you can see over on my channel. I also found some Arabel dupes on eBay for the fraction of the price I paid for mine. They arent the same but they are similar so if you want a cheaper (and still on sale) version of the boots I have the ones linked will give you a similar look! I actually prefer the shape of the ones I've linked. They give a much griller but grungy look that would look super nice with a floaty dress!

Im just about to dash out the door to go get my hair done. WOOO. I'll stop harping on and on about it now. Im just excited. Pathetically excited about getting my done! How tragic. I'll obviously be posting snaps over on my Instagram so give that a follow if you wanna keep up to date! I then have to film for my channel (hard life eh?), I cant decide what I want to film though. I spent most of yesterday making a video only to bin it as I just didn't like it at all. Im having a bit of video block at the moment! Not the best when you have just launched a new channel is it? (side note, please subscribe!)