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Im a fickle soul when it comes to all things beauty but also such a creature of habit. I do have a few things that I tend to always gravitate back towards whenever my skin does something funky or I want something that I know works.

The Origins Clear Improvement Mask has been helping me sort out my skin which has taken a turn for the worst over the past week or two. I've had a reaction to something been left with really yucky tiny spots on my cheeks so this has been working a treat drawing all the yuck out. It's a simple charcoal mask which dries firm on the skin to leave the face looking deeply cleansed and fresh. Hyraluron is another skincare thing I've had to go out and repurchase. I'm actually on my third tube of the stuff. It contains Hydralyroic Acid, which is naturally produced in the skin but as you age the skin produces less. I find it works wonders on my dehydrated skin because it helps lock in moisture and keep the skin firm and plump. By Terry Touche Veloutte is my ultimate high end concealer. I never ever get enough sleep so this is my secret weapon on early mornings to hide tired peepers. A few clicks and it covers and expertly diffuses the light to hide my under eye circles. I do think lower end concealers do a similar job to this but there is something about this that just works so well for me. It lasts all day and I never feel the need to top up.

Which products do you always repurchase?