topshop wink shoes
topshop wink shoestopshop wink shoes  
There comes a time in a  girls life when the only answer to live's problems is new shoes. So damn right I got me new shoes. I'll start off buy saying don't rate Topshop heels, I have countless pairs of Topshop boots, which I adore wholeheartedly. BUT on the whole I find for the most part they are way too high an I find myself tottering around like I'm on stilts and towering over and potential mates. I decided to get these Topshop Wink shoes to replace my much loved River Island flatforms, which although I love them dearly, are just incredibly battered. They survived the Vice 10 Birthday party, holidays, numerous naughty nights out and having to walk across Clapham Common in the rain. They did me good but they have finally gone off to shoe heaven as the strap broke rendering them unwearable. Sigh. They were good'un's!

Topshop Wink's don't have a HUGE platform, they are smaller than other Topshop heel's but very average in terms of size. I like nothing more than a big chunky wedge, for some reason they make my legs feel all bambi-like and that I'm a 6ft leggy super model, rather than the chubby 5ft5-er I am in reality!  I'm super happy with them, even if they were the reason I spent most of this week with a black eye and a cracked face. I tripped wearing them at the weekend and ended up in A&E… not really selling them to you now am I guys? BUT there is a lot of love for them, and I can see them being my new go-to going out heels. Big love!