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(Photos by Ella Tebbutt)
H&M satchel
river island sunglasses*
forever 21 and river island ring

This was a look we shot a few weeks ago as part of my Summer cookbook that I made for my Youtube Channel (view it here or above!) It was a summery/festival inspired look with touches of folkiness mixed with my new love for all things girly and tough. The boots gave the otherwise girl look a bit of edginess so it kept with my usual style. I think we might have seen the end of our so-called-summer here in the UK. The weathers turned a lot cooler over the past few days, which I have to admit I am actually enjoying. I can sleep at night and I don't spend my whole day drying out in-front of my desk fan. Although I do like the sun, I am one of those terrible English people who are never happy with the weather. Give it a few months and I'll be whinging about how much I wish it was the summer again and how I cant deal with being so cold!

Today I have a meeting and then getting my hair done at 3. I then have to pop into central to run some non-essential errands. For those following my eye woes on Twitter it is actually looking a LOT better today. Yesterday was the worse it's been since I fell over and had to get my face glued together but maybe it was one of those "things need to get worse before they get better" type situations. I just have a black eye and a bit of swelling now!