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A little known fact about me is that I do actually wear glasses. I spend all day staring at my computer screen and I get eye strain quite on the odd occasion. I've struggle with it since school wearing glasses on and off! The Osiris collection for Specsavers is designed by designer Jørgen Simonsen. The Osiris collection has something for everybody, with tons of different shapes, styles and colours. I'm there is at least one pair that might catch your fancy from within the range. I was sent frames from the exclusive Osiris Collection which are black but not solid black. I never thought I'd like non-opaque black framed glasses on me but I actually think I prefer them to my black ones. I feel like they aren't as harsh looking on my face and don't draw too much attention to themselves. My pair have a square shape but with a slightly cat eye corner which I think are quite flattering on my eye shape. A photo of me wearing these glasses actually got over 6k likes on Instagram which was insane! I think I'll have to get my prescription put into these as I was just sent the frames to test out.

One of the main reasons I find my glasses hard to wear is because I don't want to look like Im trying too hard to be "geeky". As I don't have to wear them all the time, I always feel like people judge me when I do for "trying too hard" ie. Being a hipster and wearing "fake" glasses. There is a really fine line between getting it right and looking like you're a hipster. When I decided to dress my glasses, something I rarely ever do, I actually found I was in for more of a challenge than I imagined. After countless outfit changes, I decided to go with my new Primark shirt which has a really lovely baroque style print and comes in a super silky material. This feel's absolutely amazing on and feel's so much more expensive than Primark. I also picked my A-Line Topshop Leather skirt to go with it to give it a touch of toughness. Paired with my recently rediscovered flat ASOS Chelsea boots my outfit was completed. I think I need to be braver and just embrace my glasses more!
Search for #Osiris to vote for my look as the best! And don’t forget, you can win the whole look including the glasses on the Specsavers Facebook page. The 2013 Osiris eyewear collection by Jørgen Simonsen is only available at Specsavers and is included in their 2 for 1 offer where two complete pairs are available for £125.
Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Specsavers via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Specsavers.