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Sooo my pink hair is finally making its blog debut! I did a post and a video on it over on ETCLLYMLRS which you can go and check out if you are interested in knowing about it. My hair's already faded loads which makes me sad but I am happy with it. And for some strange reason I feel more like myself with pink hair than I ever did when I was blonde. Maybe I was destined to be pink or something like that. Anyway, the outfit. I adore this jumper and wear it all the time but I don't think I've actually worn it on the blog at all. It's actually from the petite range (I have no idea why) but the main thing that drew me to it was the fact its neon blue and orange. I don't do too much colour but there was something about this that I knew I had to have in my life.

Today I talked about the new Models Own Fireworks Collection over on my beauty blog and I cant stop thinking about all thing glittery and sparkly. My nails are currently in the worst condition ever after finally deciding to get my acrylics removed. I'm determind to get them back into good condition… I give it two weeks and I'll have acrylics again.