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Today has been a busy one, I've only just got around to sorting todays blog post out! I've been working on some projects that I've been involved in for a while which arent to do with blogging but I might share them on here soon as I'm super proud of them. I've also been trying to finish my weekly video for my youtube channel but I dont know if it's going to go up today or not! It's still nowhere near completion! Keeping busy is the only way for me to go at the moment, I lose focus if I dont constantly push myself! Especially after a mega lazy (but fun) weekend I really need to get back into the swing of normal life. I had such a good weekend and thank you all for all your lovely comments on my last two posts. I really love documenting my weekends (my day to day life consists of me sitting at my computer, like pretty much all of you reading this I presume!) but I try and make my weekends as jam packed and full of fun as I can!

Todays outfit is something I wore for evening drinks last week. I wanted something casual but also suitable to go to a bar. I expressed my love for this printed ASOS skirt in my haul video and I've already rocked it in a more daytime friendly way on the blog before! My pink hair is fading much quicker than I'd hoped so Im sad! I might actually do it again as it's gone very blonde very quickly! I might go pink again for LFW, but I dont know if thats super passé. Yeah it's passé. Pass.