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Time to get back into routine after another awesome weekend. I've been having the best time recently and Im super happy and excited about things all over again. I adore this dress, its my go-to black dress for loads of occasions including layering. I love the shiny fabric and the fit, super flattering. I paired it up with my favourite red blazer and my simple flats for a easy summer evening outfit. I have no idea where this necklace is from as it's my flatmates, Im going to guess either H&M or Primark. It's really lovely though and a nice simple colour pop. I've decided my jewellery collection needs a refresh so Im going to sort all my tangled mess of necklaces out and see what I can come up with. Will keep you posted on that!

Tonight I'm off to the gym to do my standard hour on the treadmill. I'm dreading it but Im determined to finally get around to doing my 10k race that I've been planning to do for years. I've wanted to do it for so long but I always seem to start training and never push myself that extra few km. I can do about 7.5k easy but those last two really push it for me. I've bought new trainers (new gym clothes are always a good motivation I think!) and I'm in the zone. Lets do this. Then after a good sweat out in the gym, I'm going to chill out. Monday night's are typically my TV catchup day so I've got all my shows scheduled for tonight, going to light some of my new scented candles (I've become THAT kind of blogger) and veg out in my bed. I presume I wont be able to walk after pounding the treadmill for so long so it's perfect!