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Yesterday I went to Wireless again with Birchbox as a VIP. I've been to many a festival and I've been guestlist to backstage but I've never ever done VIP. It was a real experience, with fancy food as many drinks as you can consume (well, when they actually had what you wanted in stock, huge shortage of vodka and cranberry!) comfy chairs and a really chilled relaxed atmosphere.

I got my hair done by KMS before hand so I was sporting a crazy awesome side braid and fishtail which proved a good idea IT WAS SO GOODAM HOT! I also had a outfit freakout and made my friend bring me a diffrent outfit in the form of my trusty The Whitepepper dress so change into. So a quick change later I was ready to get down and soak up the atmosphere. I bopped to Macklemore (HEY MACKLEMORE CAN WE GO THRIFT SHOPPING?) and watched a few others before Jay Z came and stole the whole show. It was actually incredible, like absolutely next level in terms of people I've seen before. While Im not a huge fan, it was just amazing. Everything about it was on point and everyone was just so into it you could really feel the energy going around the festival site. The people in the pictures with are my friends Jess and Dal who also came along so we could all groove!

I really enjoyed my two days at Wireless. It's unlike festivals I've been before, it has a really good vibe. I only saw one girl get carried off after being drunk/taken something, but props to the Red Cross for coming incredibly quickly to help her and get her to safety. Other than that there was really good vibes, everyone was chilled and happy. The music was great and I'd really recommend going. It's a great a London based festival that doesnt involve all the hassle of camping! Although when I'm at Reading next month I can see myself slipping back into the Old Lily at festivals, things will get cray. Big thank you to Birchbox for the amazing experience and KMS for doing my hair!