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(Photos by Ella Tebbutt)
primark jacket
river island shoes 
new look necklace*

Yeah, Im wearing it again! I just cant get enough of this dress ok! Although I have noticed my hemline has scrunched up in the wash and doesnt sit flat anymore despite my best efforts to iron it. I might try starching it or sewing some pennies into the hemline to make it sit a bit flatter. This makes me sad as I would love I also featured this outfit in one of my recent Holiday outfit videos but I thought some static images would be nice to go along with it. Plus this is legit all I wear at the moment. I have a feeling I wear this dress at least twice a week at the moment!

Tomorrow I'm off to Lovebox in Victoria Park! Very much looking forward to it as well as catching up with a bunch of my friends that I havent seen for a while. I really could do with a fun filled weekend as this week has been such a struggle to keep on track and stay motivated|! I partly blame the sun but I have been busy on other non-blogging projects that keep the blog off my mind! Oh well, Hopefully I'll update with tomorrows outfit before I leave if not be sure to follow me on Instagram!