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So, as last weeks lifestyle Sunday post down went down a bit of a treat I thought I'd show you what we got up to this Sunday. First off we went to The Breakfast Club in Angel for breakfast, well it was more like ,unch by the time I got there. The northbound northen line was down so it took me forever to get where I needed to be! However once I got there I had a haloumi wrap and some fried potatoes which were absolutely lovely. Can we also just take a minute to appreciate how yummy my breakfast Mojito was. The perfect muddle of grapefruit juice, lime and mint (and rum of course!). The Breakfast Club does get super busy, especially on Sundays. We did have to queue for agessss, but it is really worth it. It's so weird that us Londoners think it's normal to queue for a place to eat when there are literally countless places to eat in London. A 45 minute wait just doesn't sound that long… RIGHT???

Samba Swirl is my favourite frozen yogurt place in London. Im not a huge fan of places like Snog or Pinkberry, while they are nice I just don't really like the yogurt all that much! However Samba Swirl is basically self serve and you pay based on the weight of your Fro-Yo after you've added all the goodies to the pot. I had a mix of peanut butter, mocha and chocolate frozen yogurt with every topping under the sun. I think there was Flake, Crunchie, Oreo, gummy bears, chocolate flakes, smarties, marshmallows... Need I go on? I did go super OTT on reflection but honestly, it was SO DARN GOOD. It did look like a toddler had thrown up on it, but I can totally vouch for it's deliciousness!

We also popped to Camden so I could get another micro-dermal on my opposite wrist. I've been wanting another for a while and just haven't been alcohol free enough at the weekend for me to be able to get one. Note: Getting a piercing after you've been drinking results in A LOT of bleeding as I found out when I got my last chest piercing. Next level bloodiness right there! So now my wrists are matching which makes me happy. I also found out I can get my collarbones redone soon as they haven't scarred too much and can be placed in the same place again.

We then went to the North Pole in Angel and had a few craft beers and ciders and then some of the best pub food I've had in a long time. Sweet potato wedges with ranch dressing and some crispy KFC stylee chicken with a tarragon and basil dressing. Oh my goodness it was absolutely lovely. I'd highly recommend the North Pole in Angel, it's an absolutely lovely out the way pub and Im definitely going there again some time. It'd make a nice cute place for a date or a simple Sunday chill-out session like we did today!

While my diet has gone out the window completely today I really recommend The Breakfast Club, Samba Swirl and The North Pole. All top places and I'm coming home with such a FULL belly I need to get this leather skirt off asap!