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This outfit is basically a twist on the outfit I wore late last week with just a different dress. See guys, I do wear colour. I think I wear colour more than people think I do, I just don't like loads of it. However this dress was something I knew instantly would be a bit of a hit with me. It's more tea-dressy than smock-y (my current requirements for a dress) but it ticks that comfy summer dress box that desperately needs ticking more in my wardrobe. With the weather like it is at the moment in the UK (lemme tell you, it's totally a different type of heat altogether) you really need to wear the least ammount of clothes possible. I adore this dress, it's a bit too long for me (all Primark stuff is, I'm 5ft5 as well!) so I had to roll it up a little and belt it!

Also, heads up. As I mentioned yesterday that this dress and a selection of Primark stuff is on ASOS. But apparently it doesnt ship outside of the UK. Seriously, I dont understand as I'd imagine online Primark would do exceedingly well! Sorry for the misinformation. I feel like I'm printing one of the correction/apologies that newspapers do! Slap on the wrist for Melrose and not getting her fact's right. But you can pick this up this dress online if you're from the UK and cant be bothered to deal with the Primark drama in this heat!