uk fashion blogger
zara heels
primark chain tank top
black tied* & claire's accessories bracelets*

Did I mention I loved this jacket? It's absolutely amazing. I love everything about it from the slightly quilted feeling, the super bright pattern and the really retro vibes it gives off. There is just something about it that is just so on point. If I could write a love song about this jacket then I really would. I paired it with my disco pants this time (see my other outfit wearing this jacket here) which on a hot day would be the worst idea, but we did shoot this last week when it was a bit cooler.

As for my plans for today (weird posting in the mornings now as I can actually tell you what my plans are!) are to basically upload another video in my July series. Either a vlog I made or a makeup video if I ever get around to editing it properly. After that I'm braving the London tubes and the epic British summer we are currently enduring and going to some Christmas in July press days. Christmas in July is basically that, Christmas in the middle of July. Where brand show off Christmas collection and whats going to be hot (no pun intended) in Autumn Winter. Whoever's smart idea was to make this a thing is a bad bad person. I DO NOT WANT TO EAT TURKEY RIGHT NOW. FEED ME COCKTAILS AND CALLIPPO's!