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(photography by Ella Tebbutt)
bourjois 1 seconde nail polish in turquoise block
topshop hat 
forever 21 tee
zara heels

Today I'm off for and exciting meeting with a leading cosmetics brand (and Im talking proper big business here) So I'm pretty (read: very) nervous but excited at the same time to be working with brands more and more. I feel so lucky to be able to meet the people I do on this journey that has been my blogging career. For the first time in a long time I feel super positive about my blog again and I feel like I'm getting somewhere y'know. I think I had a mid blogging life crisis recently, which I'll speak more about soon. I just need to work on what I exactly want to say! It's weird.

I bought new Disco Pants recently, proper ones. I had a ASOS code for 30% off (AA often do these so its worth keeping a eye out if you want original Disco Pants for less!). And while I've talked about Disco Pant dupes to the end of the end of the earth (see here, here and here) and I do still firmly believe the River Island versions of the Disco Pants are my favourite nothing beats the originals. So suck-y in, slimming and perfect.

Remember to check out my July Series over on Youtube, there are quite a few videos on their I've done recently that might interest you guys. Namely a makeup tutorial I did recently. Im always getting questions about my makeup so I thought I'd do one. Although its the sans eyeliner look I've been rocking recently it might help you with the products I use. I'm having loads of fun making videos. I really enjoy videography and shooting stuff. I'd love to develop my skills a bit more in creating video. That might be the next step for me in this huge learning curve that is blogging!