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topshop shorts
topshop jacket
new look necklace*

I asked Zoe for some opinions on this outfit before I posted it and she said it was too autumnal. I reminded her to look out of the window, it's hardly "summer" now is it? Coming back to face the reality that is the British Summer has been a bit of a shock. Especially as I pulled a coat  and hat on today. I'd say that the hat was because it was cold but Im just currently sporting the worlds most greasiest hair and I should have washed it this morning but I was distracted by The Sims 3. I think my life is slowly getting ruined because of that darn game! Y U SO ADDICTIVE!

My outfit consists of numerous current favourite pieces of mine, including my silk shorts, my Topshop bomber and my neon beanie (it's becoming a LLYMLRS staple!).  The shorts have quickly rocketed up my favourite items list despite not being overly keen on shorts. Right now I feel like I wear them all the time. Super comfy, easy to wear and effortless, not to mention pretty expensive but I adore 'em. I mentioned a few months ago that I really liked quilted pieces and this jumper from Topshop ticks that box. Although it reminds me of something a bit tennis-y. Which in turn reminds me I should get my bum down to Wimbledon this weekend and soak up some of the atmosphere!

Tonight Im off to events and then shopping with the Zoe I mentioned earlier in the post. I fancy a few new bits that i've had my eye on for a while. I did a huge wardrobe clear out before I went on holiday so I don't feel as guilty! I see a haul coming on... Watch this space!


  1. Must be so weird wearing a coat after getting back from such wonderful sunshine! Jealous of the tan by the way haha!

    Love the quilted texture of the top - really unusual!

    Dayner x //

  2. very cute outfit love the orange beanie, your outfits are always perfection xx

  3. Love the colour of the beanie, my favourite colour at the moment x

  4. still very much in love with your topshop jacket and the shorts are gorgeous! can't wait to see a haul!

    bec X

  5. I absolutely love you in shorts! And those shorts are gorgeous :D x

  6. Really love this outfit, you look fabulous in shorts, and the orange really suits you!
    P.S i'm hosting a giveaway atm you may be interested in :)

  7. Love the pops of color you implemented in this outfit, Lily! xx


  8. oooh i love your necklace! :)

  9. I adore that necklace :) xx

  10. The outfit is so cute :) and don't worry I too am addicted to The Sims 3 :)


  11. Loooove this outfit Lily! The neon hat completed the look so well, love the nude nail polish too, I've tried a few before but they don't work very well with my skin tone, but it looks fab on you!

    Amy, X

  12. You look awesome Lily! I love your rings, you have lovely jewelry as usual! xxx

  13. ahhhh this is my favourite outfit, i have such a thing for white jumpers and beanie so im all over this.
    need to get some more colourful beanies for winter as I normally just wear a camel coloured one or grey booring.

  14. lovely!

  15. Even if it is too "autumnal", autumn clothing is the best! Love the quilted top.

    xx Jasmine

  16. Loving the neon accents! And yeah, it's kind of difficult to dress summery when it will give you goosebumps and a cold :(

  17. I love the simplicity of this, you look gorgeous! The jacket is stunning xo

  18. j'adore, gros coup de coeur pour tes bijoux!
    ♥ ♥

  19. Love the outfit, especially the quilted jumper! It's definitely England weather appropriate haha x

  20. Love this outfit, your lip colour matches your beanie perfectly too!


  21. LOVE this quilted top, and also loving the neutral nails - definitely have to pick this shade up!

  22. Love your outfit!
    Especially your jewellery.

  23. Love the quilted top, looking great as always Lily x

    Amy /

  24. Beautiful look :) x

  25. love the colour of that hat and the jacket x

  26. I love your quilted top especially paired with your necklace. X

  27. I love this outfit! That jumper is definitely on my wishlist! Also I know what you mean about sims 3, I haven't installed it on my laptop as I knew that if I did i'd become addicted haha!

  28. The beanie is my favourite part of the outfit. Lovely neon colour!

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. I can't stop staring at your necklace, it's a stunner. Also, I can definitely relate to things being put off for the Sims 3. Playing with little pixel people doesn't sound nearly as fun as it really is! xx

  31. Oh I love that necklace. I obviously don't know you but this is such a "Lily outfit", really love it :)

  32. cute

  33. Oh hello, love the Topshop bomber! Also, The Sims 3 ruins my productivity too!

  34. I love your jewellery and shoes! And your nail polish really suits you too!
    Laura DemandBeauty <3

  35. Love that quilted top paired with your dreamy bomber! xx

  36. I love that top. I bought the lychee nail polish the day other after seeing it on your beauty blog, as well as a green. Can't wait to try them out.

  37. love the outfit ♥ And we don't have summer in Germany either.... so sad!

    xxx Jo Betty

  38. Love the jacket! xx

  39. Totally random but I LOVE your nail polish rack. Too cute, like your own little salon.

    My Blog

    My Etsy Shop

  40. where are your nail polish storage system from ? :)

  41. Effortlessly chic as usual!

  42. oh i wish i could pull an outfit like this off! unfortunately shorts aren't my thing and i definitely wouldn't look as effortlessly cool as you do! like you, i love clothing with a quilted pattern/texture so this top seems perfect for me and i'll be interested to see if there was any other colours available! still in love with your jacket too... oh lily, your wardrobe is so bad for my bank balance! X

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