topshop shorts
topshop jacket
new look necklace*

I asked Zoe for some opinions on this outfit before I posted it and she said it was too autumnal. I reminded her to look out of the window, it's hardly "summer" now is it? Coming back to face the reality that is the British Summer has been a bit of a shock. Especially as I pulled a coat  and hat on today. I'd say that the hat was because it was cold but Im just currently sporting the worlds most greasiest hair and I should have washed it this morning but I was distracted by The Sims 3. I think my life is slowly getting ruined because of that darn game! Y U SO ADDICTIVE!

My outfit consists of numerous current favourite pieces of mine, including my silk shorts, my Topshop bomber and my neon beanie (it's becoming a LLYMLRS staple!).  The shorts have quickly rocketed up my favourite items list despite not being overly keen on shorts. Right now I feel like I wear them all the time. Super comfy, easy to wear and effortless, not to mention pretty expensive but I adore 'em. I mentioned a few months ago that I really liked quilted pieces and this jumper from Topshop ticks that box. Although it reminds me of something a bit tennis-y. Which in turn reminds me I should get my bum down to Wimbledon this weekend and soak up some of the atmosphere!

Tonight Im off to events and then shopping with the Zoe I mentioned earlier in the post. I fancy a few new bits that i've had my eye on for a while. I did a huge wardrobe clear out before I went on holiday so I don't feel as guilty! I see a haul coming on... Watch this space!