H&M vest

Oh gosh it was a bit of a struggle using my camera after not for so long! I felt like a proper n00b all over again! Anyway, without further a do, normal LLYMLRS programming shall resume. It's been ages since I've blogged properly and Im currently having a little blogger guilt!

I pulled out my MOM jeans today even though I think they make me look like a right shorty (not to be confused with shawty, which I most definitely am). I promise they look normal in real life! These are my most favourite comfy everyday jeans, I can see why Mum's tend to favour this fit. It's awesome. When I'm a Mum and I have to get a classic Mum hairstyle (Im thinking a long bob) I will live in these for sure. Regressing back into my black, pink and white days of 2012 a little with this neon pink chunky cardigan. I don't know what drew me to it so much but I adore it, I think i wear it most days at the moment and I even wore it on the plane when I went on holiday. Kinda tempted to get the grey version of this as it's a little safer. But for now Im happy with pink. I couldn't imagine myself typing that again!