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(photos by Ella Tebbutt)
american apparell leggings
monki shirt (mines a XS for reference, cheers monki sizing!)
topshop necklace
topshop bag
topshop boots (cheaper dupes)
black tied bracelets
bourjois 1 seconde nail polish in turquoise block
monki phone case
ebay sunglasses

Hahah the way the light has hit me in these photos it looks like I have some sort of blonde halo. Yay for having the worlds frizziest straight hair. NAWT. In this outfit I paired my favourite American Apparell leggings with a new shirt that I got from Monki. It's super lightweight and sheer and perfect for the hotter weather. I threw on my Topshop Aleggera's which have really served me well but could do with being re-heeled soon (or maybe I'll buy some sweet cheap dupes, I've had my eye on the studded ones for godvknows how long!). I really like this look, although it's probably not as summer as it could/should be! I also want to point out the awesomeness of my new phone cover. LOOK AT DAT FACE. It's perfect. Its the face I make whenever Im in public without having to make the "please dont even talk to me let alone make eye contact. YAY for being a dick around people IRL.

I see Monki is the latest shop to be gobbled up by the ASOS machine as it can now be nought from their website. I've noticed they've also started stocking a selection of Glamorous, Tatty Devine and Primark. Yes kids you read that right, Primark is now online, well sort of. It's only a selection but it is nicely selected peices without having to rummage through the crap. Especially for my international readers who crave the brand but they are still stuck in the past and don't have an online shop! It's nice to have loads of brands in one place, and especially get those hard to find Primark peices online. I bought this dress last week and low and behold it's actually online to purchase! Wallets at the ready!