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(photos by Ella Tebbutt)
river island ring
zara bag
nubar lemon nail polish*

Busy, Busy morning! I've been doing so much time has literally ran away with me and now Im sitting down to blog Im clicking around my screen like a headless chicken. Maybe it is time to invest in a diary and a proper to-do list. Last week I wrote mine on a McDonalds napkin, keeping it real kids!

Although I love Ella taking my photos my blog really has lost it's what I wore today aspect! However I've been wearing this outfit so much recently. American Apparel have always been one of my favourite brands. I crave their simplistic approach and their wide range of coloured pieces. I went shopping with Zoe a few weeks ago and this somehow wound it's way into my shopping bag.  It's a really simple lightweight smock style (can you imagine me in anything else?). Oh jesus though I didn't realise it was £54. Im sure I didn't pay that much, unless I AA bumped their online prices up. I knew it was pricey but that is next level. WHOA NOW MLRS. Paired with my neon bag (so, so much love!), my beloved cut out Arabel boots, my white sunnies and this is the perfect hot weather outfit.

I did a Get Ready with me video over on myYoutube channel yesterday which might be worth checking out if you're intrested in that sort of thing. It's my daily hair and makeup routine and a outfit thrown in the mix. Now I've got to shoot as I'm filming with Daily Mix (!!). I need to then come home and try and find someone to redesign my blog for me. I know exactly what I want as well which is soooo annoying!