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(Photos by Ella Tebbutt)
river island top
I look all kinds of serious in these photos, I have no idea why. I think these were the last o the bunch we shot last week and I was getting moody and tired. I'm pretty exhausted at the moment as I haven't slept properly all week due to stress and the last of this epic heatwave we've been having at the moment. I've been trying to tire myself out with the gym but it just doesn't seem to be working. Should I say I want it to be cool again? Probably not, but I really could do with a decent nights sleep. Quick, someone invent a reverse electric blanket that makes everything cold!

Plus, anyone concerned with my lack Youtube account. Fingers crossed it'll be sorted out ASAP. I've been having so much trouble with it and now it's been deactivated because I've been impersonating myself. Literally, so annoying mad and sad all at the same time! Lets just hope the Google Gods can sort it out so I can get back to regular programming. Sigh!