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(photos by Ella Tebbutt)
primark vest
primark jacket
topshop shorts
zara bag
topshop boots (dupes)
bourjois turquoise block 

I thought that when I was an adult that my knee's wont be bruised to hell and I wont have scratches and scrapes. But alas, that never happened and I still look like I've been playing with my mates on the school yard. Any excuse to climb a tree or jump over a wall and Im there. Im currently sporting the nastiest bruise on my bum cheek from when I was dancing around a pole at Lovebox too. A girl can dream, but Im just too darn clumsy and enjoy having fun too much.

Currently Im sitting at my iMac trying not to sling it out the window as it's annoying me so much because I swear its slower than my terrible Macbook Air. Having ultimate first world problems to say the absolute least! I'm editing a video which should be up over on my Youtube Channel later today, make sure you're up to date with all the videos I've been making recently! It's a fashion one so I think you'll all be interested in it! In other news Im off to an ASOS press event tonight so I'll be bringing you all the cheeky snaps of the upcoming collections! Watch this space!