001. Y'know what. I feel happy. Happier than I've felt in a long time. It's probably ridiculously obvious to anyone who reads my blog that I've been unhappy and unwell for a while now. I feel like for the first time all year I'm strong, fit and healthy enough to get on with my life and be happy again. Going away was the rest I needed and has really helped me get back on track. As of tomorrow I'm going back to being the Old Lily Melrose. I know it's probably boring me harping on about how ill and unhappy I've been so fingers crossed things get a little better around here again!

002. This is the cutest thing I've seen all day!

003. I've been practising my Ukulele this weekend and I think I've finally got to the point where I'm happy enough to show you guys how much I've learnt! Ill make a video later on in the week I think. I've been playing 5 Years Time by Noah and the Whale so much recently. I wish I could sing so I could do that alongside!

004. Please remember to check this post out I wrote earlier in the week about where to follow me after tomorrow and Google Reader goes! My Bloglovin link for this blog is here

005. As you can see from the above video I've decided to start making every other day videos on my Youtube Channel! I'm super excited about it and it all kicks off tomorrow with a peek into the outfits that I wore when I was on holiday during the day. I'll be posting them on here as well as on my channel so go over and subscribe if you're intrested in seeing them as soon as they go up!