river island tee*
topshop skirt
zara wedges

Off home today! Sorry things have been sporadic but I've been reacessing loads of things and planning on how to changing things up a little upon my return to the UK. I think its always nice to come away from things and think about what you really want to do and where you want to go in life. I've been feeling so lost recently and the last 6 months have really taken it's toll on me emotionally and physically. Sometimes you need to be alone, think about life and just work out what you really need to do in order to be the best person you can be. I feel like I haven't been me in so long now, IM a shadow of my former self and reading my blog back, Im really not that person I was a year, two years or even three years. My life is different now Im older, I have adult responsibilities and more on my plate than I did when I started this blog. My life has changed from living in a small town, working in a bakery and having nothing to my name. I now have a successful blog, live in a city I've always dreamed of and sometimes I think my life is so surreal I don't even realise how not normal my life actually is.

I think John Green said it best "Don't forget to be awesome". Time to be awesome again. Watch this space.