monki top
topshop silk shorts
topshop sandals

This was outfit a two nights ago, so not really todays outfit but still! I really liked this outfit. Simple and effortless but still looked really well put together. My hair is all kinds of crazy at the moment thanks to the heat so I wore it up. I don't often wear it in a high pony outside of my bedroom or the gym as I don't like my hairline but hey, might as well switch it up a little!

This holiday is going by so quickly! Today is the halfway point and I fly back on Friday. Im looking super bronze and feeling really refreshed. I wasn't supposed to go on the annual family holiday at first because I didn't think I really want to spend so long away from my job and so long with my family. However it has been nice and it really is a treat coming out to the sun for so long! Hope everyone is well (: