river island shoes

topshop necklace

Last nights outfit was this dress, one that I've had for ages but got lost in my wardrobe shuffle. I did a huge clear out before I came a way and and old favourite was discovered! I've had it a long time now and I actually don't think Missguided sell it anymore unfortunately, but you might be able to find something similar. I love how the white really contrasts with the black to give a interesting bodice effect while the chiffon skirt keeps it girly. Paired with my "Jasmine" shoes I thought this was a really lovely little outfit to wear on a hot Turkish evening!

We didn't really do much last night apart from chill, and then we came back early as we were all so tired. The hot weather really takes it out of me! I'm currently sitting in my air conned room taking some time out to check on my emails briefly and make sure I'm up to date with the sidebar of shame over on the Daily Mail! I need to download a new book for my Kindle so any recommendations would be perfect! Thank you!