american apparel vest
topshop shorts
primark sandals

I know I've been the worst blogger ever in recent weeks. I'll put my hands up and admit that outright. However I am now on annual leave (lol) so Ive decided to try and blog everyday. I go on holiday with ny family every year, same place every time. But I always get bored and need alone time, hence why I take time out to blog! Anyway, Here's the first outfit I've worn since I got here a few hours ago. Shorts and vest combo with sandals. Simple, perfect for the boiling hot weather we are currently having in Turkey. I've had these Denim Topshop shorts for so long now I can barely remember when I actually bought them. However I wear them every year and despite my fluctuating weight over the years they still fit perfectly!

We got our room upgraded for the first time so we are in a lush villa with a private pool. My Mum has been here about 10 times in the past and its actually so funny as the staff know them so well. I shall be updating everyday (hopefully) and I've also started a hashtag on Instagram with all my holiday pics on. I love other peoples holiday pics so if you're interested check out #llymlrsholiday for all the snaps! Im also filming a holiday lookbook for those who are more youtube inclined!

PS. Sorry I cant find all the items online, internet is a bit slow here! If you know the links please pop them in comments to help others! Thanks!