river island trousers
topshop coat
river island shoes
essie fiji and opi rainbow connection nails

I do love me a beanie and I thought long and hard about the fact if I should get another bright one to add to my collection but I did end up getting a yellow one. It's super bright, neon highlighter yellow which I adore. I bought a few things from Missguided recently as I've had my eye on a few bits but never took the plunge to order. Im sure the rest of my haul is going to be coming up on the blog over the next week or two. I have got some really nice gems to show you! I've also recently had a peek at their upcoming high summer collection which is absolutely amazing!

Today has been one of those days, nothing is getting done despite the fact I'm working pretty much simultaneously on two computers is driving me a little crazy. It's nice being focused and having loads of work to do. I think busy periods are what make me feel like I'm getting back in the right place mentally with my work life!Tonight I'm going to pop into central London to pick up some things I've been needing to get for ages. I have to buy a bikini and finally brave seeing myself in such little clothes as well as picking up some sandals and a sunhat. I go away in about two weeks now and Im starting to stress! Sigh!