Tatty Devine Lucky Dip Boxes Large (£35)* and Small (£15)*

Tatty Devine are holding their annual Sample Sale in their Brick Lane store on May 6th, but if youre not London based never fear! To go alongside the promotion they are also selling online Lucky Dip Boxes. Each lucky dip box contains a randomly chosen mix of assorted pieces taken from over 12 years of collections, handpicked by the team and presented in a classic Tatty Devine box. The best part? Every box is different! Discover hidden gems and rare pieces, treasure samples and collect classic out of production designs. Priced at £15 for a small box and £35 for a large one, they'd make perfect gifts for friend or for a sneaky treat for yourself,

In my £15 I got a pair of mirrored wing earrings, which I probably wouldnt pick out but I adore them. They are so kitsch and fun! I also got a lips badge and a gold glitter bow ring. In the larger box which is priced at £35 I got a ink splatter ring - Perfect for an ex art student like me, a floral necklace which retails and crystal necklace which I love as well as a a pair of gold bird earrings which I thought were hideous buy my housemate quickly shot gunned! Like they say, one persons trash is another's treasure. Or whatever the saying goes like! I should really look it up!

Now there is always a risk with Lucky Dip you arent going to get something you like, And I have to admit some of these items probably wouldnt be things I'd pick myself but I have friends who I could pass things on to. Bit on the whole I was very pleased with both my boxes, especially the smaller one as the ring and earrings are so goddamn cute! They'd make perfect gift fort quirky loving jewellery friends or family members. I think it would make a wonderful reasonably priced gift for anyone with a birthday coming up. It's a great way to get your hands on cheap Tatty Devine bits and bobs from the comfort of your own home! In all I think its a really great deal and I definitely think its so worth it because Tatty Devine can be quite pricey sometimes. This should be online from tomorrow, but if you're a newsletter subscriber you can get these ordered today! If I can find the sneaky link I shall post it ASAP! These are while stocks last and will more than likely sell out so make sure you get your paws on them if your thinking about it! I'm still forever swooning over the Tatty Devine Dino necklace, if someone wants to do swapped for that then you know how to find me!