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River Island invited me down at the weekend to check out the high summer drop from their collaboration with Rihanna. Finally got around to taking some snaps of my take on the collection. I picked out this sheer floral black and white printed shirt because I felt like it was something my wardrobe was really lacking in shirts. I dont really like florals but as we all know, I can deal with monochrome so it works. I paired it with a neon yellow pair of kitten heels with a pointed toe which I love. I had a mini diva fit though when getting them because they couldnt find the other size 5 to the pair. I then immediately felt so guilty for being such a rude and ungreatful bitch I spent about 20 minuites apologising for my rudeness and begging her forgiveness. I think by that point she must have thought I was a nutcase. That day, needless to say I'd woken up on the wrong side of the bed. Anyway, the shoes are an absolute dream and I love them so much. So simple and chic without being too much, They add so much to such a plain outfit. I also paired the look with some simple skinny jeans, and these are actually a really lovely fit. I wear the 10S's which are perfect for a slight turn up and fit like a glove. Very impressed with River Island jeans I have to say!

While I was more impressed with last seasons Rihanna and River Island collection I do like this one and it does have some key pieces worth investing in. The main colour themes are red, black and white with lots of key peices in the same style in all colour variations. I adore the "barely there" stilleto sandals. I kinda wish I bought those now (and saved that poor sales assistant so much grief!) and I adore the dipped back red maxi playsuit thing (?) which would look so good with chunky boots and a tough biker jacket. While me and Rhi Rhi are hardly cut from the same piece of cloth in terms of style her River Island collections are worth checking out!

You may or may not notice I've had my hair done again (at Lisa Shepherd London) and its now a lot blonder and fresher than it was before. I had some of the highlights taken out and more of my natural colour put in as well as the overall tone being changed a bit so it's more creamier. I'm sorry Im so terrible at blogging at the moment, I really dont know whats come over me. My heads all over the place with non blogging things and then my own laziness hasnt helped either. It's my blogs 4th birthday next week and Im sure i'll talk more about my current feelings then. But until then, Thanks for following (: x

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