nail polish finishes review swatch photo
nail polish finishes creme review swatch photo

Excuse the fact the colours in my swatches do not go togehter at all but I thought today I'd talk about some common nail polish finishes. I've become somewhat of a crazy nail polish lady over the past few weeks and I thought I'd talk through some of the meanings behind some of the phrases used to describe nail polish finishes. I don't know how useful this is to anyone but I thought it'd make a decent post for those not so clued up on nail polish finishes! There are so many more than the ones I've listed below so I'll probably do a follow up with some more if anyone is actually intrested!

Creme finish nail polish is the most widely used nail polish finish. It's typically a solid colour with no shimmer, glitter added to the base. The finish is glossy and super smooth. The majority of polishes I've come across have this finish and it is very common. Example Polish- 2 True Shade 14*

Gel effect nail polishes are designed to mimic the high shine finish of professional manicures. Often these claim to last up to a week. Gel effect topcoats have also recently been launched to give regular polish a gel like finish.  Example Polish- Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine in Guava*

Sheer nail polishes are generally used in french manicures to show off white tips. These generally come in pink, nude or salmon as they are designed to show through base colours. Often take up to three coats to be opaque if so desired. Example Polish- Revlon Pink Nude*

Matte polishes have no shine what so ever. They tend to dry quicker than most other polishes and can apply slightly streaky if you don't work quickly and evenly. Neon polishes tend to dry matte because of the pigmentation levels. You can get topcoats to mimic the matte nail effect on regular polishes. Example Polish- Models Own Hedonist*

Shimmer finish nail polishes are generally a solid coloured based with fine, iridescent shimmer added to it. The shimmer is very finely milled and tend to be of a smooth texture rather than having any noticeably chunky glitter. Example Polish- Butter London Champers*

Duo-chrome nail polish changes colour depending on the reflection of light often showing two or more colours within one nail polish. Like shimmer finish polishes the particles are very finely milled so the nail polish applies smoothly and evenly. Example Polish- ORLY High on Hope*

Concrete finish nail polishes are a new trend in nail polish finishes. They have a rough, sand like gritty finish to them. Almost like sand or sugar particles have been suspended within the nail polish base, These are not smooth, tend to be fairly matte and have no shine. Example Polish- Seventeen Rock Hard Nail Effects in Black*

Feather finish nail polish are another new nail trend that has become more popular over the last year. These are either referred to as feather or confetti finishes. These polishes have small strands of two or more shades suspended in a clear base to give a feathered, textured effect. Often they need a fair few layers of the polish to build up a solid shade. Example Polish- Barry M Confetti Nails in Liqourice*
What's your favourite nail polish finish?